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Frau Zen (Pallavi Sen) is an Indian visual artist and experience designer based in Berlin, Germany. Her projects span over a variety of mediums that often utilize the fusion of technology, art and design.  


Pallavi (FrauZen) has graduated from the University of Europe for Applied Sciences – Berlin in 2021 with a master’s in Visual & Experience Design. Her work encompasses themes and products that aim to amplify experiences in shared spaces or evoke a conscious mindset in everyday experiences.

Her creative vision is greatly inspired by nature and its amalgamation of audio-visual elements. “I like to experiment with mystical & psychedelic themes and florescent pallets”, Zen’s signature style is dark, enigmatic and metaphysical. 

She hopes to go beyond commercial design by designing experiences for the contemporary human that is mindful, aware and humanitarian.

Currently exploring how technology and immersive experiences can stimulate or augment altered states of mind in different spaces.”

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︎       Berlin,  Germany

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