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Virtual Raving experience designed for (post)pandemic times.

Experience Design / 2021 / Virtual Reality

Experience the stimulation of alternative realities (Alt.R) in known environments. Pushing the limits of how we experience music individually and
together in virtual realm. 


A virtual platform where ravers and art enthusiasts come together to enjoy a new dimension where art and raving can be experienced together.

Alt.R provides an experience that allows ravers to enjoy a raving environment created in the virtual space to take the rave experience to the next level by using technologies like VR to enhance the experience. While keeping one foot in the past and one foot in the future Alt.R aims to promote the “old school” raving scene packaged in a whole new virtual space. Designed to keep the user on the edge by reveling details about the events to keep the thrill alive & creates an opportunity for users to interact with fellow ravers through interactive features like ‘Visual Jam’. 

powered by VR headset and Alt.R application.

The platform is a solution for the post pandemic era of raving integrated with exploring art. Alt.R will allow the raving scene to keep going in times like
Covid-19. Along with opening up a new dimension of using new age technology such as VR and MR for experiences of extended realities to engage its users.

Alt.R is designed to adapt not only to the needs of users who want to enjoy music and art events but, also music an digital artists to generate business and revenue opportunities in the phase of restrictions

Alt.R  is designed with unique features that allow only 5 users to scan QR at a given location which contributes to the gamification of the experience and will not let pandemic restrictions “stop the raves & exhibitions”.

 Allows users to experience the new rave scene not an alternative, not a substitute but provides and experience of what raving Is and can be  during and after the pandemic.







Alt.R utilizes VR, AI and Block-Chain technology for creating a smooth virtual raving experience. Virtual reality is used to create the environments the ravers experience, artificial intelligence is used to program “Maya” that guides you through the experience. Block-Chain technology is utilized for maintaining the rights and payments for artists and musicians who contribute to the experience. 


Multiple stimulation ︎︎︎ allows the user to choose between two different environments 

 Maya ︎︎︎ “When in doubt follow Maya”. Powered by artificial intelligence maya is an energy ball designed to help (new)users through the rave stimulation.


Guides user through
the virtual space.  


Prompts suggetions when
no activity is sensed
over 60 seconds.


Easily activate or
deactivate from
activity panel.

 User dash board ︎︎︎ another were flying apart so swiftly that the creeping light of the cosmos could no longer bridg another were flying apart so 

Activity Pannel ︎︎︎

Visual Jam ︎︎︎ Partner up and Create your own visual effects to augment the stimulations.

 Creditts : Rave stimulatation visuals in-use by  Tas Visual

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.