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Visualising altered states of consciousness on rave musik

Speculative Design / Research / 2021  

“Chakr” is a visualisation system designed for a wearable technology (Rave accessory) that is powered by cerebral activity.


Envisioning a wearable device that utilises “Chakr” a logic system designed to visualise and represent the dynamic states of alterations while listening to rave music. The product aims to bridge the gap between the experience of ASC and the awareness of these shifting states. Designed utilizing speculative technology the wearable device is a raver’s accesory that allows the user to track their varying states of consciousness and emotions to have a better undersating of tehmselves on an innate level. 


The form is divided into four sections front, sides (left and right), back and a sphere. Each representing brain waves: Alpha, Delta, Theta, Beta respectively.

Each cluster has a dedicated speed of strobe effect  and the triggering of a single cluster effects all the other clusters to blink at a certain speed or pattern.  The altering speeds are directly correlated to the engagement levels an individual experiences while listening to music.


The behaviour of the “Chakr” moleculesis are driven by a number of parameters which are at the core of the logic system. These parameters allow the user to decipher the different states of consciousness and act as the language of consciousness. 


VISUALIZATIONThe visualization system is designed using multiple molecules that are arranged in a circular form (Chakr). The visualization can be directly and metaphorically associated with brain activity as emotion firing and anatomy.

The wearable device is a  combination of a EEG headset with an inegrated hologram projector that can project the altering states of an individual over their head.


and more

Some commonly occouring altered states of consciousness and different permutations and combinations can exsist bases on the user and the music.

The visualization system is an attempt to give form to the altered states of human consciousness experienced under the influence of rave music. These alterations in the brain activity are one of the most innate and complex biological processes and “Chakr” is an attempt to make this information accessible visually to individuals experiencing it

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.